I am 23, a student studying applied computer science. I absolutely love to Scuba dive. I am an rescue diver along with my dad. Our goal is to get to dive master this year.

How it all started for me went like this. My dad used to dive a lot when he was younger. He was on the dive posse when he was a sheriff, But he sold his equipment because he needed some money. He hadn’t dove for years.

One day our truck sank into a lake and we had to wait hours for some one on the dive squad to come and hook it up to a tow truck. My dad said “I can still do that, I wonder if our uncle still has his gear.” Well he did but it was so old the hoses were rotten and hadn’t been serviced. So we waited. I was fascinated by all the talk of SCUBA. I asked my dad about diving. I decided I wanted to get into it. My uncle gave me his gear and I had it all serviced. For my graduation and birthday my parents got me certified. My dad got new gear and now we are into it HEAVY.

I did a short stint as a profesional golf ball diver. In 2008 I work the over the summer at Saguaro Dive shop which i totally loved!