Desert Tortoise Rd

This site is heavily used by dive shops for there classes. It is starting to be discovered by “non-divers”. It can get quite crowded as the morning goes by.

There is a channel that is accessible during the late summer/fall (low lake level) months, when you can drive to the far east end of desert tortoise/two cow (facing burro island). Dive NNE towards the Sheriff’s docks and you will find a walls at about 60′ that drops to over 100′. Found it with Rob (dive-aholic) one year, forgot about it, then stumbled across it again last year (I think that was my last lake dive ). It’s probably accessible right now.

If you remember where that big sinkhole was a couple years ago, the walls are NNE of it starting around 60-70′ Garrett

It’s a little more NW of the star but you can see the contour lines in the pic. Nice walls, overhangs, etc.