This seems to be Scorpion Bay

This is how you get there: as soon as you turn left from peninsula rd towards the road that goes to dirty shirt, you have to take the first gravel road to the right, drive on that road as far as you can get, which will take you close to the Ranger station, that is the place. you turned towards dirty shirt, then took the 1st right.. till you couldn’t go any further, then got in the water.

Swim to the rocky tip that is gonna be on your right and dive to the left towards dirty shirt. you can’t beat this place, if you stay from 40′ to 25′ you’ll see lots of walls and overhangs, I haven’t gone too much deeper than that just because is cold now, but I’m sure that it gets pretty deep there.

I’m glad you liked the spot, water is really high now. I haven’t dove that deep there yet. I usually stay at around 45 to 25 now that is cold. Night diving there is even nicer than day, a lot of fish come out.

Dove the wall by the Ranger station Saturday. Definitely one of the better sites in Pleasant. Walked into the cove and dropped down on the ledge at about 10′. Went over the ledge and dropped to the bottom at about 60′. Water temp 54 deg. No significant thermocline felt. Viz about 10′. A little bit of a current pushing us into the wall. Found a couple of small pseudo caverns at the bottom of the wall, maybe about 8′ of penetration before hitting the back or getting too small to go any farther. Definitely a repeat site. Also looking forward to checking this site out in August or September when it’s dry. – Kris