Go to this link for a fantastic over view of Scorpion bay by Garrett.


The best dive site in LP May be gone forever because of new marina

33º 52′ 21.12″ N

112º 17′ 37.18″ W

Is (Was) know as some of the best diving at lake Pleasant. New marina owner MAY let diving continue, but completion of the new marina may be a year or more in the future.

“This spot is diveable while the lake is full; early spring until mid summer. This dive site is referred to as “The Wall” because depending on the lake level a wall starting at 15-20′ drops to depths of over 60′ in some places. The wall has many crevices, overhangs and small caverns to explore. There is a sharp thermocline generally around 30-35′ where the temp and viz drop dramatically. The fun thing is as the lake level drops the thermocline stays a consistent depth and you are able to explore more of the wall without having to endure the drop of temp and loss of viz, making subsequent dives unique.

The wall is also somewhat of a fish habitat and many of the lake species can be observed here. Some of the fish that are regularly spotted are Bass, Bluegill, Carp, Catfish and Crawdads. The fish have no fear of divers and some show a genuine curiosity.” Garrett